This course is only intended as a space to upload your productions on your personal professional project (see below). Remember to name your document FAMILYNAMEfirstnamePPP.docx . Take good care! 

Topic :

Discuss your professional project. Mention your weaknesses and strengths. Focus on the skills you have already acquired during your studies at the IUT and how they will help you achieve your next objectives.

The essay will be marked and the following elements will be taken into account :

  • GRAMMAR : correct grammatical structures

    (be careful : -s, -ed, irregular verbs, tenses, punctuation, who / which, there is / there are)

  • VOCABULARY : use of appropriate vocabulary

  • STRUCTURE : organize your paper in different parts, add transition words.

  • CONTENT : in-depth analysis of the workplace, quantity of details, etc. Don't be elusive!

  • LENGTH: 300 words

Good luck !